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Share your experiences living with overactive bladder

1. Share your experiences with overactive bladder and help others. 

If you are living with OAB, you're not alone. 
As many as 46 million Americans 40 years of age or older have reported symptoms of OAB. That's nearly 1 in 3.

Empower others by telling your story.
Your experience with overactive bladder can help motivate others while you get to take part in rewarding awareness activities. 
  • Safe, anonymous, remote activities
  • Only say “Yes” to the activities you want to do
  • You may get paid for your time
  • Share quotes or feedback to help inspire others on social media or other platforms
This is a unique opportunity to get involved and spread awareness about life with OAB. 
Please note, this project is likely to be popular, so share your thoughts now. This survey takes about 5 minutes!

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